Welcome to Gradients of Time photography exhibition. This exhibition is the culmination of my minor studies in photography from the Photography Production course. The idea for this exhibition was inspired by the fascinating technique of solargraphy, where a pinhole camera captures changes in the landscape over extended periods. This sparked in me a burning question: could I capture the passage of time using modern technology in a new way? My aim was to create something that would transcend the boundaries of traditional photography, and this curiosity led me to develop a new method in the realms of photography and image processing for myself.

After two years of research and development, a method was born that combines long-duration photography with digital image processing. I set up the camera to photograph the landscape for an average of five hours, capturing its changes at frequent intervals. This way, the dynamic play of light and shadow was recorded in thousands of images. Merging these images in Photoshop, using Java Script code I created myself, allowed for the fusion of 5000–6000 images into one cohesive whole. The result of this process not only depicts the passage of time but also transforms it into a visual narrative, revealing the transient and permanent changes in our environment.

The works displayed in the exhibition open a window for viewers into how time shapes the landscape and how seemingly fleeting moments can collectively create something enduring and beautiful. These images represent not only personal technical achievements but are also examinations of how time, light, and shadow manifest in nature. Each photograph is my attempt to offer a new perspective on the uniqueness of the moment and the beauty of the world around us.